AQUEOS Anti-bacterial Dog Shampoo, 1 LTR

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AQUEOS Anti-bacterial Dog Shampoo, 1 LTR
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Aqueos anti-microbial shampoo contains a water based disinfectant which KILLS 99.999% of most bacteria, fungi & viruses including PARVO VIRUS. The shampoo is fast acting and kills known micro-organisms within 30 seconds of contact. The shampoo is powerful but gentle to the dog’s skin. The shampoo will help disinfect minor skin wounds and will have a soothing effect on minor skin irritations. Leaving the coat feeling soft, the shampoo is alcohol free and environmentally friendly. Reduces risk of cross contamination as part of general hygiene regime.

  • KILLS 99.999% Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses
  • Mild shampoo, Alcohol & Bleach Free, Same chemical hazard rating as water
  • Deodorises including fox & badger smells
  • Combats itchiness, carries on working after application
  • For itchy dogs and skin complaints, smoothes minor skin irritations
  • Gentle but effective deodorising shampoo for dogs
  • Kills bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Powerful and fast acting
  • Alcohol, bleach & phenol free
  • Competition safe
  • 1Litre

Dilute shampoo in water and sponge onto dog or apply direct to dogs coat

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