All For Paws Chill Out Always Cool Mat, Large

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All For Paws Chill Out Always Cool Mat, Large
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  • All For Paws (AFP) specialises in designing unique and stylish pet products, fulfilling the needs of the animal, as well as the different lifestyles of their owners.
  • Overheating can be dangerous to a dog's health, dogs have virtually no sweat glands, and can only regulate their body temperature by panting or by sweating through the pads on their paws. Only a small percentage ofexcess body heat can be lost this way. Dogs are proned to heat stroke, which can lead to permanent organ damage, coma or even death.
  • AFP Chill Out Always Cool Mat is a pleasant way for dogs to cool down, keeping your best friend cool & comfortable. Even on the hottest days, the special gel inside the cooling pad ensures that your pet always stays cool. The AFP Chill Out Always Cool Mat does not require electricity or to be chilled in the refrigerator, and can used at any time. The AFP Chill Out Always Cool Mat is activated by the body weight or pressure of your pet.
  • The mat is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the surrounding area for up to 3-4 hours of constant use. To re-cool simply leave the mat unused for a short period of time and the gel will automatically re-cool. Simply let your pet lay on the cooling pad and watch their temperature decrease.
  • Safe and non toxic, crate & kennel compatible.
  • The mat is easy to clean and fold away, storage in the winter months is advised to ensure longevity.
  • Wipe clean, surface Approx : 35" x 24". Size L: 90x60 cm


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