ORBILOC Dog Dual LED Light for Dog

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ORBILOC Dog Dual LED Light for Dog
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The Orbiloc Dog Dual is designed and made exclusively in Denmark, which is synonymous with the highest standards of design and workmanship

Orbiloc Dog Dual is a high-quality LED safety light that ensures you and your canine companion are visible to others from a distance up to five kilometres, when out and about in the twilight or dark.

The Orbiloc Safety Light has been well-known in the military arena for many years, mainly because it adheres to the highest standards of durability, visibility and quality. In fact, we trust in the durability of our product so much that we’ve given it a three-year warranty.

The unique lens design gives 270 arc visibility and your dog will be visible from all sides. The power of the light allows you to see it reflected in the environment – even if the light itself is not pointed in your direction.

The design is modern and streamlined with a size of 35mm x 20mm, and weighs only 19 grams. That means it won’t get in your dog’s way, even if he’s lying down or rolling around on the light itself. The Orbiloc Dog Dual is also very user-friendly. To choose the function you prefer, just turn the Mode Selector Ring to the left or right. It will flash (…) or stay steady-on (-). The battery life is 100 hours when steady-on, 250 hours when flashing

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is 100% waterproof and offers your best friend the opportunity to take a swim or play in the snow. The Orbiloc Dog Dual is IPX8 approved. IPX indicates how resistant a product is against drops, rain and immersed in water. Orbiloc Dog Dual has the highest level of this certification (IPX8), which means that the light can stand being continuously underwater. Orbiloc Dog Dual was tested in a pressure gauge with water, where it was exposed to 11 bars, equivalent to a depth of 100 meters, for one hour.

The Orbiloc Dog Dual has different attachments that allow you to decide how and where you want to place the light. Included the Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable, which allows for a quick attachment on your dog’s collar, leash and harness. You can adjust the Quick Mount Adjustable to multiple sizes, without leaving a mark on your gear. We also included the Orbiloc Buckle and the Orbiloc Velcro Strap to your Orbiloc Dog Dual

Perfect for fitting onto any harness, clothing and matches well with a Julius K9 Harness.


Power / Batteries

2 lithium batteries

Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable

Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable gives you an innovative and quick way to attach and move your Orbiloc Dog Dual to any collar, leash or harness. The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable can be adjusted in its length and prevents your equipment from being damaged.

The Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustableconsists of two parts, an Orbiloc Adjustable strap, and an Orbiloc Quick Mount Buckle:

Adjustable Strap

The Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is made of silicone-rubber, which is the type of rubber most resilient toextreme environments, sunlight, and temperatures. The Strap is improved in several ways; The thickness of the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap is increased – and the used material is twice as strong as the previous strap – which makes it even more durable and better for even more uses.

Easy and Quick Adjustment

The 4 holes for adjustment makes it easy and quick to adjust the strap, enabling the light to be mounted on all types of collars – whatever the width or thickness, without squeezing and leaving marks.

Slip Resistant Ribs

Furthermore, there are ribs on the Orbiloc Adjustable Strap. This makes sure that the Orbiloc light is securely fastened and can’t slide, even when fastened to a thin collar.

Orbiloc Velcro Strap

With the Orbiloc Buckle and Orbiloc Velcro Strap, you can attach the Orbiloc Dog Dual to your dog’s collar, leash or harness.

The Orbiloc Velcro Strap enables an easy attachment without the risk of leaving and mark on your gear whatsoever. The velcro is the highest quality available and is made exclusively for Orbiloc. That’s why the Orbiloc Velcro fits and works perfectly.

The unique slot opening can accommodate up to 24 mm in width and 4 mm in thickness – ideal for the common hunting and rescue dog collars. It works by simply slidingthe Orbiloc Velcro Strap through the two slot openings in the Orbiloc Dog Dual and wrap the Orbiloc Velcro Strap around your dog’s collar, lead or harness and cut off excess.

Yellow Light

The human eye is much more sensitive to yellow-green or similar hues, particularly at night.

The yellow colour is gentle to the eyes and is very visible in foggy and misty weather.

We also know the colour from warning signs and road works, where drivers are used to slowing down.

Visible up to five km / three miles

Waterproof to a depth of 100 meters / 330 feet, IPx8 approved

Extremely durable, withstands loads up to 100 kg

Withstands temperatures from 50C to -40C / 120F to -40F

100 hours when steady-on, 250 hours when flashing

2 x CR2032 batteries

Register your product at orbiloc.com/warranty

Steady-on light, flashing light

Turn the Mode Selector Ring right or left to change function

The lens design makes the light visible across a 270 arc and can be seen in all directions

Orbiloc Dog Dual is made exclusively in Denmark, which means the highest standards in quality, design and workmanship


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